Take back your focus.

RescueTime's Focus Sessions eliminate distractions and keep your focus where it belongs

Imagine a world where you only need to focus on one thing at a time. Focus Sessions make it possible.

Follow along as we guide you through your session, motivate and support you, and at the end, show you how much work you're able to accomplish when you're not being distracted. 

Best of all, Focus Sessions are just one of the tools included in RescueTime’s time-tracking and time-management software, so you get a full picture of your work habits.

Get motivated.

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Focus! (we'll handle the distractions)

How do Focus Sessions work?





Take back control of your time

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A narrated warmup prepares you to set aside mental distractions and "mono-task"

Pre-session warmups

Make the most of your time

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Mood music

Connect Spotify and pair your session with the perfect focus playlist

Work companions

Drop by our virtual workspace to focus with people around the world

Post-session reports

Check your Focus Session summary to watch your work habits improve

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